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Manage your Investments, Empower Your Future

Managing numerous accounts simultaneously can be stressful, complicated, time consuming, and can lead to contradicting investment strategies. Having multiple account relationships often leads to higher fees, higher taxes, and lower returns.

Working with Glass Jacobson Financial Group to manage your assets will simplify your financial life and leave more time to enjoy what is most important to you. Coordinated advice of your accounts will help to optimize your investment strategies. We can find opportunities for account consolidation, lower investment costs, and tax savings solutions.

Glass Jacobson works to help you build a plan that reaches your financial goals. We focus on research driven, low cost investments rather than the "flashy" new fund that everyone is talking about (and then forgets about 2 years later). We have a diligent, prudent investment process that relies on time tested investment principles.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we're passionate about transparency and trust, and hope to have the opportunity to help you reach your investment goals. Contact us for a complimentary portfolio review.

Our Investment Strategy:
  • Set Your Goals
  • Diversify Your Portfolio
  • Minimize Costs
  • Take Advantage of Tax Savings
  • Invest For The Long Term
  • Trust Your Plan, Not Your Emotions
  • Don't Try to Beat The Market
  • Don't Chase Past Performance
  • Periodically Review Your Plan

CEFEX Fiduciary

Glass Jacobson engaged CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, to assess whether Glass
Jacobson’s business practices and procedures satisfy the standards outlined in the ‘Prudent
Practices for Investment Advisors’ publication by Fi360. CEFEX and Fi360 are affiliated
companies. CEFEX-certified firms represent the best practices in their industry, which are
sustained by annual voluntary audits by independent expert analysts. Glass Jacobson paid an
assessment fee to CEFEX for its staff to conduct the certification assessment and recommend
improvements to Glass Jacobson’s processes to qualify for CEFEX certification. Glass
Jacobson agreed to display on its website the CEFEX mark in exchange for Glass Jacobson
paying a discounted assessment fee. Receipt of the CEFEX certification is not indicative of
Glass Jacobson’s future investment performance.

concliisions about the financial markets
Five Time-Tested Conclusions about The Financial Markets

The five conclusions Jon Dinkins, CPA/PFS, CIMA®, AIF® covers can help you adopt a system for managing your wealth that is wise and delivers returns that will accomplish your goals. Download it here.

The Power of the Market

Are you relying on your own judgement, as opposed to the collective knowledge of the millions of other investors in the world? Watch this short video to learn why we trust the power of the market over own speculative guesses.

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