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Glass Jacobson has been serving individuals and businesses for over 50 years.

Are you a business owner or individual?

Are you a business owner or individual?


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Getting one’s dream company off the ground requires passion, vision, commitment and support from others. Glass Jacobson  has extensive experience in providing strategic, practical guidance to startups which is critical to their success.

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As a company grows, its challenges increase as well. Our clients rely on our seasoned team to anticipate the potential for exponential growth as well as unforeseen pitfalls during this phase of their firm’s journey.

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Glass Jacobson’s goal is to facilitate a favorable, lucrative exit from the firm that an entrepreneur nourished from its infancy. Our resources, advice and support are employed from the starting gate to the finish line.

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Know anybody who needs help with their 401k plan? Enroll in this course to learn how much to save, which investments to choose, and how to get all the “Free Money” offered by your employer.

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