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Is your financial advisor CEFEX certified?

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Glass Jacobson engaged CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, to assess whether Glass
Jacobson’s business practices and procedures satisfy the standards outlined in the ‘Prudent
Practices for Investment Advisors’ publication by Fi360. CEFEX and Fi360 are affiliated
companies. CEFEX-certified firms represent the best practices in their industry, which are
sustained by annual voluntary audits by independent expert analysts. Glass Jacobson paid an
assessment fee to CEFEX for its staff to conduct the certification assessment and recommend
improvements to Glass Jacobson’s processes to qualify for CEFEX certification. Glass
Jacobson agreed to display on its website the CEFEX mark in exchange for Glass Jacobson
paying a discounted assessment fee. Receipt of the CEFEX certification is not indicative of
Glass Jacobson’s future investment performance.

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