The Market is More Powerful than You [VIDEO]

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Watch the video to learn why.

There is a lot of confusion around the stock market... how it works, and what it takes to invest successfully. Many investors choose to listen to the media (or their emotions) and fight against the market, instead of using the power of collaboration in the market to their advantage. When somebody tries to time the market (buy or sell based off a guess of future events), or build their portfolio based on their guess of the “best” individual stocks, in essence they are saying "I know better than the collective knowledge of the millions of other investors in the world."

Time and time again we see that clients are successful when they:

  1. Trust the market's power instead of trying to pick “good” stocks
  2. Diversify across different types of investments
  3. Keep their investment costs low
  4. Allocate their investments correctly based on their goals and tolerance for risk
  5. Invest for the long term (instead of pulling money out when things get scary)

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