401(k) Compliance

FREE Plan Sponsor’s Guide To Compliance

FREE Plan Sponsor’s Guide To 401k Compliance

If you are like most plan sponsors, the thought of 401k compliance can make your head spin.

We understand.

Glass Jacobson Financial Group has created a simple guide to help plan sponsor’s make sense of their responsibilities when it comes to running and managing a 401k plan. This guide focuses on the four main areas where many plans experience difficulties as it relates to 401k compliance.

  • 1. Following Provisions of Your Plan Document

  • 2. Delivering Annual Participant Notices

  • 3. Managing the Plan's Operational Requirements

  • 4. Monitoring the Plan's Investments

The guide covers these four areas in detail and will help you start to assess whether you are meeting the requirements as a plan sponsor.

These questions we ask in this guide reflect a portion of the vast compliance responsibilities that fall upon plan sponsors and fiduciaries.


The qualified retirement plan specialists at Glass Jacobson Financial Group pride themselves in lessening the burdensome responsibilities of managing a compliant plan. We accomplish this through compassion, education and proactive outreach to each of our valued clients. Interested in learning more about how we can reduce your stress, help you to stay off of the government’s “radar” and improve your fund performance?

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401k Compliance