market volatility

How to Navigate Market Volatility

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With so much uncertainty facing the US economy, and the world, it is easy to let fear dominate investment decisions. When the market falls 30% in one month it’s natural …

FAQ Unemployment

Filing for Unemployment FAQ

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The coronavirus-induced economic shutdown has predictably resulted in record unemployment across the country. In response, the CARES Act has expanded unemployment benefits, both in terms of eligibility and the number …

What is Diversification? Why Diversification is a Golden Rule [VIDEO]

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As far back as our childhood, we have been told that we should never put all our eggs in one basket. If the basket breaks, so will all the eggs. …

estate planning

Estate Planning Under the New Tax Law: Opportunities and Traps

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) is a significant tax reform measure that impacts all federal tax laws. And instead of repealing federal gift and estate taxes, …

social security

Choose Social Security Options Wisely or It Could Cost You

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Did you know that 95 percent of retirees get it wrong when it comes to choosing when to start their Social Security benefits – and it’s costing them trillions of …

backdoor roth conversion

Don’t “Knock” the Backdoor Roth Conversion Solution

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Roth IRAs are becoming increasingly popular savings vehicles as investors realize their utility in securing long-term financial goals as well as their availability to fund shorter-term financial goals, such as …