Austin Abell Glass Jacobson Financial Group


Austin is the creator and co-founder of 401kbuddy™, a web-based 401k education program that uses whiteboard animation videos to walk employees through the process of enrolling in their 401(k) plan. He has worked in the investment industry since 2012 and was a licensed wealth advisor at the firm before becoming our director of marketing and technology in 2017.

Prior to his current employment, Austin worked at one of the nation’s largest financial services companies in their high net worth department and assisted investors who held more than $1 million in assets. He had over 10,000 conversations with investors and was able to refine his ability to take complicated financial topics and explain them in a way that everyone could understand. Prior to that, in 2011, Austin and his brother, Luke, co-founded a web development company. They also developed their own education sites that taught users how to accomplish tasks associated with technology. Their education sites have attracted over five million users and 23 million page views.

Now, as our COO, Austin is using technology and modern business processes to build a scalable framework to deliver high-quality content to existing and prospective clients.

Austin loves spending time with his wife Kristy and three kids Adilynn, Norah, and Levi. They live in Towson and are members of Baltimore Bible Church. Austin also enjoys relaxing with a cup of coffee and reading good books. Some of his favorite books are The Bible, Getting Things Done, Mere Christianity and anything else by C.S. Lewis, The Lord of The Rings, and The Autobiography of George Muller.


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