Strategic Buisness Consulting


Plan in the Present, Empower the Future

Glass Jacobson’s approach to strategic planning is about helping business owners and managers understand all the factors that affect a business’s performance. A business plan not only forms a baseline for taking action and measuring success; it creates the conditions for success by facilitating buy-in and maximizing communication with investors, employees and other stakeholders.

When evaluating existing plans, we make certain that they support the business owner’s long-term personal goals, that they realistically reflect conditions in their industry, and that they are supported by appropriate, efficient business processes.

When helping to develop new strategies, Glass Jacobson brings an entrepreneurial perspective to planning that multiplies your opportunities in the marketplace. We stay with you to provide expert guidance as you present and implement your plan, we help you develop approaches for measuring its effectiveness, and we suggest ways to revise your plan based on the data you receive. With Glass Jacobson beside you in the planning and implementation process, your business can embody your stated goals and respond swiftly to changes in its financial, legal or competitive environment.

We can also help clients who are selling a business. There are a lot of factors to consider in order to get the highest possible sale amount for a business. We leverage our team of experts to provide expert guidance for a successful exit.

Strategic Business Consulting Services:
  • Startup assistance
  • Evaluation of existing strategy
  • Development of new strategy
  • Development & presentation of business plans
  • Financial modeling and projections
  • Measure strategy's impact
  • Prepare business for sale


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